Herbal supplement manufacturing

We Manufacture Herbal Supplements With An Edge

We make innovative custom herbal supplements that are focused on the health and wellness consumer. These products include single herbs and herbal formulas consisting of herbal powders and herbal extracts in capsules and powder based products. We have helped many brands create high quality herbal supplements. Our product formulators are specialist in manufacturing highly effective herbal supplements.

We offer the highest quality herbal ingredients that are sourced worldwide. Herbal supplements can provide supplements for customers who seek a more holistic approach. We can help both startups and established brands through all aspects of manufacturing your herbal supplement. From formulation, sourcing ingredients, testing and designing your label we can help you from start to the finished product.      

Herbal Supplement Manufacturing is our Specialty 

Let’s work together to select the best ingredients that best support your herbal supplement needs. We will also help you prepare your packaging and labels accordingly. We want to be your herbal supplement manufacturer.  Let us know when you are ready to get started!

Fast Quote and Product Turnaround Time – All quotes submitted through our website or over the phone are turned around in 48 hours. Use our Request Quote Form.


Herbal Supplement Manufacturer

Herbal supplements are sometimes called botanicals, they are a type of dietary supplement that contains one or more herbs. 
Divine Design Manufacturing is a Supplement Manufacturer located in Texas. That specializes in custom herbal supplement manufacturing.  


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